Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Can't Stop The Signal

But you can interrupt it.

Blogpeeps, I know it's been six months since I have created a post for your reading pleasure.

Here is what I have learned in six months:

Recovering from major surgery is hard.

It's even harder when that surgery affects your brain.

And while I remember all the arcane tax law I need to keep my accounting practice running, the part of my brain that can translate the creative thoughts in my head to words typed on a keyboard has ceased to function.

This is not stopping me from continuing my New Year's Day ritual with my family.  Notice this year's addition to the BIG DUMB FUN! category-Pacific Rim.

So all I can do is leave you with this message on the first day of this new year..  I will be back.

Until then:

1 comment:

  1. It's about time! Welcome back, yea, I always enjoy your writing! Wishing you a most happy and healthy new year!